How to Make Money on Steemit [2021]

How can you make money on steemit? Steemit is a social media network called that pays you to post and comment. You will get paid digital currency known as ‘steem’ for writing articles or upvoting content.

How Steemit Works

where does the money come from?” The short answer is that STEEM is a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, that investors trade on the open market, and which you can track the value of through charts. 

  • Steem: Steem is a liquid currency token of steemit platform. This can be sold or bought in open markets or transfer to other accounts and more. We can call it the cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin and the rest.
  • Steem Dollars (SDB): Steem dollars are liquid currency token to acquire Steem or for trading. You can not use steem dollars as real money without converting them into bitcoin or USD.

How to start making money on Steemit

The best way to earn is to simply join and try using Steemit. As described earlier, you earn on Steemit each time you Post content, such an article , Comment on a post, Earn upvotes for a post or comment, Upvote a post or comment.

1. Write Articles

You can make money by writing articles on your steemit blog. You will find a large community to your blog without going with paid promotion in the platform.

The more followers and readers you have, the bigger the money you get. All you need is you have to create a viral content which can roam around the social media platform. There is no limit to what you can write.

2. Upvoting and Commenting

You can make money from Steemit just by commenting. If you cannot write articles you can earn steem dollars by commenting on other articles. But the money you will make commenting will not be as much as you will make writing unless you have a good Steem Power (SP).

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is type of marketing where you promote a product and earn a commission when someone purchases a product through your website. 

Create accounts in several affiliate programs and then come back to steemit to power up the earnings. Write an awesome blog post and promote your affiliate links. If you’re capable of creating engaging posts, Then this will be the best method to earn money on steemit.


 Creating high-quality content regularly and constantly engaging on this platform are importantl if you want to earn huge rewards. So, being consistency is the important thing to earn rewards continuously.

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