Sugar Daddy: One big fantasy of many is to live a fabulous life, to be able to spend at ease, to do things we wish to. You can work hard to do the things you desire. However, there is a way to effortlessly get that life, one common way is to be that sugar baby that that Sugar daddy or mama spends on. The Sugar Baby lifestyle is common around the world.

Sugar daddy

You could get paid steadily without doing much. A lot of elderly men or women seek for some sort of comfort from a much younger man or woman, this could be in terms of emotional or sexual comfort. Reason they go for the said sugar babies is for sweetness.

Sugar Daddy; who Is He?

You want to be called a sugar daddy, you want to get some sweetness from a much younger woman, then you have to be qualified, hence you have to meet the criteria.

 Sugar Daddy is one whose lavish lifestyle is effortless. He spoils you with a lot of gifts, money and an expensive lifestyle. They are usually elderly or mature enough to be your daddy, remember they are expensively wealthy, they take you on an endless expensive trip, get you all kinds of gifts. He even makes your friends jealous because he is your sugar daddy.

Hence; a sugar daddy is an elderly wealthy man who spends exorbitant money in exchange for a consensual relationship.

Sugar Daddy

These sugar daddies are usually married men, a large number of them are married, like we have sugar daddies so there are sugar mommas, married women who go after younger men for sweetness in their life. 

Sugar babies in turn are young men or women who seek financial support, they are usually not established, reason they seek sugar daddies or mommas to fill up the hole

The affair between sugar daddies or mamas and their babies are usually not marriage orientated as what they desire from the affair are times they could barely spend with their wives or husbands, this is a secret affair you want to be careful on, because you wouldn’t want to be put out their with their spouses, this could be dangerous.

How Can I Find Interesting Sugar Daddies?

If you are seeking to be spoiled with wealth; live a lavish lifestyle, get allowances and go on endless trips then you can consider registering on one of these sugar daddy apps that pays the bills.

They are several ways to connect to sugar daddies, you could meet them are parties, the classy parties, meet them at notable clubs, get introduced to by friends, meet one on a normal lucky day, and lastly thanks to the internet a number of dating platforms have emerge with interesting features, having interesting individuals on them as members. They are some strictly for sugar daddies, while some are for dating sites where you could specify on what you want such as Tinder, Badoo, etc.

Note: These platforms are social platforms meant for true matching, however; there have been cases of internet fraud, internet bullying, trafficking, and a lot of swindlers. They appear wealthy and friendly but could be extremely dangerous, so take precautions while dealing with people online.

Here are some notable sites or social media platforms where you could meet prospective sugar daddies. 

Sugar Daddy Website

  • With over 40 million members in 130 countries, seeking has stood out to be one of the most sought for platforms to meet potential sugar daddies, it remains one of the best and legitimate sites as well. 
Sugar Daddy

You can join for free on seeking if you want to explore the best, you can upgrade to its Premium package or become a Premium member.

  • What Is Your Price: as it’s called, What is Your Price you could get up to $125 on the first date as incentive. You see how interesting this could be.
  • is a free dating platform for women, no subscription, only pay when deal is completed, with real time members and free to join.
Sugar Daddy

So all you need to do is visit, register for free and create a profile, your first date is promised while you work for your second date. This is quite interesting and promising.

  • Here is one of the sugar daddy platforms that is well known. has been for over 16 years with a free sign up, however, there are three options to get a better service for sugar daddies, they could actually upgrade to “Best Value, Elite or Introductory Membership. As a sugar baby, this is a good platform to get the best of Sugar Daddies.
Sugar Daddy is widely recognized, though not available in many countries, as earlier said, it is completely free as non paying member can do a lot of activities such as, searching for members by their Username, country, etc. also you can respond to messages from paying members, view their profile, favorite their profile, send kisses, sort members by their age, gender and distance.

As earlier mentioned is one of the oldest and safest sites to be on as you, though there is no available  app for the platform but the site is seamless to navigate.

  • Secret Benefit: As its name implies secret benefits is a well known dating app built majorly for Sugar Daddies and Babies to mingle, it is widely known and has a user friendly website which you can navigate easily, it has a large pool of Sugar daddies and babies.

Secret Benefits does not charge to activate other features on the platform or to register as it is free, however, you can get credits on the platform to access more verified sugar daddies, here it uses a photo to verify the account, this must be a photo taken while registering instead of uploading, with this, it makes it more safe for users to use.

Sugar Daddy

It is equally a good platform for sugar babies who are seeking to meet established sugar daddies. It was launched in 2015, which has equally worked fine since then, so you can begin your journey on this great platform.

  • Elite Meets Beautiful: Formally known as Rich meets Beautiful,  relatively new as it was launched around 2017, with a large pool of users, though, Elite meets beautiful is a fully subscriber base platform where you get to meet the expensively rich individuals, Sugar mummies and daddies. On this platform you can equally decide on which members you want to meet, Sugar babies, mummies or daddies.

Users can sign up on the platform for free and enjoy relatively free features such as chatting and searching members around your area, buying gifts for someone you like and also instead of messaging someone you like; you can wink at them, however, you would need to upgrade to a membership to enjoy some features. 

They are no free trials on the platform compare to others, where you can enjoy the premium package for free for a certain period of time, however; you can sign up for free, visit, create an account, you should be asked who you are signing in as, select and get verified, this platform is safe and block users of found providing fake information.

  • Sudy Elite Dating: With its app and website available, Study has proven a suitable dating functional around the globe, it is a platform that covers all interests of lifestyle, though created for people searching for sugar daddies and babies, it also has a separate app for the LGBTQ+. Sudy has proven to be a reliable dating platform.

Sudy is available on the IOS and Android store, though Sudy can be pretty expensive for some members of the platform who chose to go premium, as sugar daddies could pay up to $69.99 for its premium package per month and sugar babies could pay $14.99 per month. Sudy sugar daddies are researched to be Elites with class.

Sudy sign up process is easy and cost you nothing, as it is totally free, you can also get a 7 days free trial on its premium package, you can download the app or visit the website to register, to make a profile your have to provide some credentials and answer some questions, take you time to work on it and enjoy the platform. Also, I would like to mention that married individuals can actually join the platform.

  • Miss Travel: This platform tends to offer sugar babies the best in living an expensive lifestyle with its sort for sugar daddies, though not really sugar daddies oriented, but because you could get wealthy men who could pay bills for a trip you would like to go on, this platform has proven to be the best. 

Here, both women and men could offer to pay for the trip or they both share the bill. it is a platform with free and paid membership ranging from $29.95 per month, the free option comes with limited features. The platform is a user friendly one, easy to sign up on. 

The sign up process would require you to provide some credentials, your email address, an option to select who you are interested to travel with, your birthdate and location then once verified you are good to go.

So once you are in, you can create a trip you want to go on, once it is posted interested members could message you if interested in the trip. This is a great platform to get sugar daddies to sponsor that trip, great for sugar babies.

  • Established Men: Many established wealthy men are out there seeking for possibly young women to spend their money on, Established men is a great dating site to get wealthy men who are willing to spend their money on potential sugar babies.

Though, the platform encourages long time relationship, it has been one of the oldest dating platforms, which was launched in 2008, the platform has over a million users, also; it is free platform, but there is an option to upgrade to the paid membership plan which could cost one around $79 for a month with around 100 credits which can be used to get virtual gifts.

The registration process takes less than five minutes to complete, by providing some credentials like your gender, birthday, height, body type, location and others. Established men is one of those many dating platforms that get you Sugar daddies who are willing to spend.

Dating platforms that offers the options of getting you a potential sugar daddy, who is willing to pay that bill might be quite expensive, however, it is worth paying, this could be a one time deal for you to getting that Sugar daddy that would continuously pay that bill, there are other honourable mentions, such as Ashley Madison, Millionaire Match, Wealthy Men, SugarBook, Badoo, Tinder, AgeMatch, Sugardaddyforme and many more.

Final Note: 

Many of these platforms have proven to be really reliable, as many sugar babies have made it through, in fact it has been noted that a number of individuals have found love by using these platform and it is what paying for the subscription, as they said money doesn’t buy love, but sometimes, you have to just go the extra mile to that that which you seek by paying for that extra features.

It is also advisable to take precaution when dealing with online individual, report account when you suspect a fraudulent act, verify thoroughly before you make any transaction with any one online.

In Miss Travel option, remember when a trip is scheduled it is advisable you let friends and families know exactly where you are going, they have situations where people who go out on trip and have been involved in a dubious act.

 Aside all these dating platforms are one way to get those sugar daddies and probably find that love you might seek, so register, create a profile and get on memorable experience, this is actually fun.

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